Scholarly Practice

As highlighted in my educational development philosophy, a scholarly approach (see Timmermans, 2014) is inherent to my practice. Whether I am using scholarly work and collecting evidence to inform the development and enhancement of educational development initiatives, or collaborating with colleagues to create and disseminate knowledge related to educational development, teaching, and learning, this tenant grounds my work.  Below are selected examples of resources which highlight my commitment a scholarly approach to my educational development work.

Select Publications

Kenny, N., Popovic, C., McSweeney, J., Knorr, K., Hoessler, C., Hall, S., Fujita, N., Elkhoury, E. (2017) Drawing on the principles of SoTL to illuminate a path forward for the scholarship of educational development. The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. (accepted April 7, 2017, in press)


Kenny, N., Iqbal, I., McDonald, J., Borin, P., Dawson, D., Chan, J., and Kustra, E. (2017) Exploring the potential of educational developer portfolios. To Improve the Academy: A Journal of Educational Development, 36 (1), 61-75.

McDonald, J., Kenny, N., Kustra, E., Dawson, D., Iqbal, I., Borin, P., & Chan, J. (2016) Educational Development Guide Series: No. 1. The Educational Developer’s Portfolio. Ottawa, Canada: Educational Developers Caucus.

Kenny, N., Watson, G. P. L., & Desmarais, S. (2016). Building Sustained Action: Supporting an Institutional Practice of SoTL at the University of Guelph. New Directions for Teaching and Learning, 146, 87-94.

Kenny, N.A., Watson, G., and Walton, C. (2015). Exploring the context of Canadian Graduate Student Certificates in University Teaching.  Canadian Journal of Higher Education, 44(3): 1-19.

Watson, G. and Kenny, N. (2014). Teaching critical reflection to graduate students. Collected Essays on Teaching and Learning,7(1).

Coe, J.B., Darisi, T., Satchell, T., Bateman, S.W. and Kenny, N. (2012) Using focus groups to engage veterinary students in course redesign and development.  Journal of Veterinary Medical Education, 39(1): 30-38.

Kenny, N.A. and Evers, F.T. (2010) Responding to the challenging dilemma of faculty               engagement in research on teaching and learning AND disciplinary research. Collected Essays on Teaching and Learning, 3, 21-26.

Research Informed Handouts and Resources

Preparing an Educational Leadership Philosophy Statement Handout This handout provides a guide for creating and/or revising an educational leadership philosophy statement. It was created to help faculty prepare for teaching awards programs, such as the University of Calgary Teaching Awards program and the 3M National Teaching Fellowship.

Preparing a Teaching Philosophy Statement  Teaching Dossier Handout These handouts provide a guide for creating and/or revising a teaching philosophy statement and a teaching dossier. They were created to help instructors prepare for academic job applications, teaching awards programs, and to help evidence teaching within the context of a tenure and promotion package.

Effective Discussions This handout was create to as a resource to help graduate students facilitate effective classroom discussions.

Principles For Learner Centred Teaching This handout was created for a workshop on learner-centredness.  We know use this handout as a reflective prompt for instructors as they consider their beliefs about what it means to be a ‘good’ teacher in postsecondary education.

Course Learning Objectives Handout Course Design Handout  Experiential Learning Handout These handouts were created to help support the course re/design institute at the University of Guelph.

Critical Reflection Handout  This handout was created to help faculty and graduate students engage in critical reflection.